Subscription Goalkeepers

Subscriptions available for Goalkeepers.
Drills and detailed information available.
Session Plans / videos available.
Training and Match Analysis available.
Send JDFA as many videos of your training and matches for written feedback per video.
Enhance your Goalkeeping with over 5000 videos.
Set Position / Pitch Geography.
High and Low body shape.
One v One & Closing Down.
Crossing – Decision making.
Body Shape & Positional Awareness.
Leg and Toes movements.
Gain Max height.
Dealing with crosses / Set pieces & organisation.
Short shots.
Long shots.
Communication & Organisation.
Set pieces.
Setting up walls.
Goal kicks.
Taking Free Kicks.
Dealing with back passes.
Playing out from the back.
Starting position.
Setting up corners.
Plus much more.
Message for JDFA Exclusive Goalkeeper Subscription and further information.

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