JDFA Subscription for Coaches & Players

JDFA Client Subscription includes:
1) Coaching videos and content that only subscribers can see not followers per month.
2) Send in as many videos as you want throughout each month to JDFA through any platform including VEO, Hudl or any video footage of Training drills / skills / Matches for both players and coaches. JDFA will Analyse each video and will provide analysis / written reports / feedback for each video or clip.
3) Any advice on diet or rehabilitation or specific football topics or session ideas required JDFA can send you content for it. All these can be Individualised for the coach or player.
4) 50% off JDFA Adidas Kit.
5) 50% off JDFA Videos
6) 50% off Session Plans, Curriculums and all documents.
7) Priority access for day / evening time slots in waiting lists for One to One / Groups & Teams sessions with JDFA.
8) 25% off YOU GOT TO WANT IT! ® Clothing Line.
9) 50% off virtual one to one / Groups or Teams – training sessions / analysis / consultation with Jack for both coaches and players. These will always be Individualised for the player or coach.
10) Free use for Clients to use high end equipment / technology at JDFA Sessions. No extra package charges.
11) Subscribers will hear my exclusive coaching points and not music in any instagram content / story or post videos.

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