JDFA Adidas Smart Ball – MiCoach Training

JDFA is offering Adidas Smart Ball Micoach One to One Professional Football Coaching Sessions.

A great device & training method for instant feedback on power, spin, strike and trajectory, along with tips and guidance to help you develop further on-pitch skills with all the data you can wish for.

It will help you focus on your ability to control, strike and manipulate the ball.

The miCoach Smart Ball’s unique sensor construction lets you fine-tune your dead-ball kicking technique with instant feedback and results.

Integrated sensor inside the ball detects speed, spin, strike and flight path data and instantly relays kick data to the miCoach app on your smartphone, so you can analyse your training performance.

Companion app interprets and displays near real-time feedback on power, spin, strike and trajectory, and includes library of ball-mastery videos with drills, coaching tips and guidance to help improve ball touch and handling

One to one features: Kick tips and training for power, bend and knuckle balls; Capture video with your kick to help perfect technique; Prove your ability with power and pro challenges; Track your progress in the Record Book.

Please note the ball feel and reaction is like a normal ball; Size 5 regulation weight.


For further information and bookings please contact Jack David Football Academy.