One-to-One / Groups Coaching & Team Training

Jack David Football Academy One to One Coaching Programme enables the player to have a detailed structured individual development programme.

JDFA offers Coach Education opportunities where coaches can arrange to observe professional coaching practice at all levels.

One to one / groups coaching  l& team training can vary in cost per hour / half hour depending on age, venue, travelling distance and time. Sessions can be as frequent as you like – JDFA will base your sessions around your schedule.

All players must be accompanied by a parent throughout the session. (Optional for Senior)

How One to One Coaching Session can affect & benefit you as a Player:

Jack David Football Academy accommodates for all Levels. JDFA One to One Coaching enhances individual Player Development for them to progress higher up the Player Pathway

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The Long Term Athlete Development Model is embedded into the One to One coaching session for players to learn the necessary fundamental skills and train to compete at the level they desire.

Jack David Football Academy also can also offer you and incorporate EPPP into the One to One Coaching sessions.

The Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) is a long-term strategy designed to take Premier League / Academy Youth Development to the highest level.

This will benefit you as it will:

  • Implement a system of effective measurement and quality assurance
  • Seek to implement significant gains in every aspect of your player development

Other Models such as the Movement Experimentation will be incorporated into the sessions to develop players further: This will be given to players in their training programmes on what model their work will be based around.

Football & Technology / Advance Training Aids / Extra Training / Match Packages

JDFA offers Extra Training & Match Packages for clients to enhance learning / data / visual analysis. VEO, Ball Launcher, Quickplay Soccer, Blazepod, Statsports & many other aids are available to enhance your performance / success outcomes.

FIFA Quality Standard Sessions:

JDFA prides on providing FIFA Training & Match Quality equipment for all Clients with the aim to simulate concurrent training & match performance measures.

Tactical constraints & solutions will be incorporated into JDFA drills through game related scenario training.